Dorsa Company Pavilion and Interview with Mr. Matin Tabar, Market Marketing Manager at GITEX Exhibition 10/12/2007 gitex 2017

Interview with Gitex Network Program Specialist with Mohammad Mehdi Matin Tabar, Marketing Director of Dorsa on How to Interact Dorsa Company in the 2017 GITEX Screen


The film is the first visit by Mr. Ramezan Ali Sobhanifar, the distinguished representative of the Majles and the chairman of the Information and Communication Technology Committee of the House of Dorsa at the 2017 GITEX Exhibition, and the explanations of Mr. Mottin Tabar, Marketing and Marketing Director of Dorsa

Followed by the presence of Dorsa Smart Media at the GITEX 2017 International Exhibition, an interview was conducted by Massoud Hassani, CEO of Dorsa, by the Kielt Network.

Mr. Hosni initially introduced the Dorsa smart media company and its software product and how it was formed so far. The factors affecting the growth of Dorsa and the presence in the international market in the early years of its operation and its suspension due to international conditions are described. It turned out

Mr. Hassani has mentioned the goal of participating in the GITEX exhibition by finding a local business partner in other countries and making the GITEX exhibition a good place to meet foreign partners and stakeholders and become familiar with the international market.

They further expressed their hope that with the support provided from inside Iran, during the Etih period, we would see the presence of a large and wider presence of Iranian companies in foreign exhibitions.

Also, regarding the costs of participating in the GITEX exhibition, they have been able to provide sponsorship to cover the cost of the exhibition, given that Dorsa Media Corporation is recognized as one of the knowledge companies.

Mr. Hosni concluded and in response to a question regarding advice to partner companies, he demanded the more colorful presence of Iranian companies at international exhibitions, in order to attract more foreign audiences to promote the Iranian brand more effectively.

Mr. Mohammad Hamidi, Product Manager for Product Quality at Dorsa, at the Eleventh International Project Management Conference,

This presentation examines the experience of setting up the Dorsa Project Management Information System in Khuzestan NGL 3200 project in the cloud computing platform.
In this experience, all major stakeholders in the project, such as the employer (Oil Engineering and Development Company), the Employer Consultant (EIED Company), the main contractor (Khatam Al-Anbia Construction Contractor) and project engineering contractors, have used the system in the superconductor.
This presentation has been selected as the best project management experience of the country in 1394.

The role of the Dorsa Project Management Information System in protecting project information assets

During the implementation of the project, in addition to the production of physical assets, information is also generated that corresponds to the physical asset of the organization’s information assets.

Maintaining this asset is one of the most important tasks of the Dorsa Project Management Information System.

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Why do you need a big project to run big projects?

What is necessary to use the Dorsa Project Management Information System?

What problems have the project led to using this system?

Dorsa Advertising Dash

What is necessary to use the Dorsa Project Management Information System?

What problems have the project led to using this system?

Network interview is Sima with CEO Dorsa

Sama Network interview with Massoud Hassani, Managing Director of Dorsa Smart Media on the sidelines of the 19th International Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Exhibition

Interview of the Young Hamshahri Weekly with Dorsa’s Managers


In the 456th weekly Hamshahri Young, an interview was conducted with the CEO and CEO of Dorsa Smart Media Corporation, as well as Mr. Eng. Rooh Nawaz and Mr. Hamidi.

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