The task of this subsystem is control of cost and contractual obligations in project-driven organizations including employer, holding companies, investment companies, contractors and manufacturers.
Such organizations need another system to allocate and breakdown costs and aggregate cost information to control its project structure costs, in addition to the accounting system.
Similarly, control of financial commitments and statements with overhead agencies and organizations subordinate organizations, is another need to be answered in this subsystem.

The software performs three main tasks: Integrate information of real costs of the project, sharing costs of other sectors to project and control of financial obligations against employer and contractors


  • Allocation of budget / cost to structure of project / task breakdown
  • Cost control based on cost coding
  • Detailed direct and indirect costs
  • Calculating cost by cost worksheet method
  • Calculating cost by activity based costing method
  • Dividing indirect costs identified in the accounting system by project structure
  • Multi-currency system
  • Project cash flows
  • Contracts, addendums and amendments
  • Budgeting and budget control
  • Statements and invoices
  • Procedures and cycle of confirmation and approval for statements
  • Cost work fronts
  • Automatic generation of related documents

Key Features

Gathering from the bottom up

Executive information required for project cost control is automatically gathered and controlled from the bottom up and there is no need to calculate manually and periodically the information.

Control at all levels

Monitoring and controlling costs at all levels and administrative and operational stages is possible.

Connection with the accounting system of organization

This Connection can strengthen the relationship between outputs and analysis of the financial sector in the organization and project cost control.
Now there are some automatic connections between some financial accounting systems and connection with other software can be used by periodically updating information via the outputs.


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