Clients, holdings and investment organizations need to collect different subset information. This information is made in types of project and operational information. Duty of this subsystem is to integratie both types of information in addition to focus on project information. This information may include attached information items or documents that are recorded and integratied in recurring periods of time or at intervals in a tree structure.

This system has the duty of aggregating, integrating and storing subsets information.


  • Creating the sub tree
  • Covering project and operational information of the subset
  • Defining fixed information items in each level
  • Defining periodical information forms for each level
  • Defining the integration structure and combining upward information
  • Defining access levels of stakeholders
  • Entering information by stakeholders
  • information conformation and approval workflow
  • Information Analysis Dashboard
  • project typing
  • Work packages
  • Managing and integratiing attached documents


Upward information integration

Required executive information in any form, is collected from the subsets (sub-organizations, projects, sub-projects, etc.). No matter what structure this information has, it suffices to define their integration ; approval and storage structure.

Control at all levels

Possibility of controlling, completing, confirming and approving information in all levels of information

Diverse structure of subset

Subsets can be very diverse.
Subset companies, designs, projects, and sub-projects


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