The system is designed for managing engineering projects in subset organizations and companies. Although the aim of this system is managing whole management process, but according to the needs, there is possibility of running the cycle by orgnization itself in some sections.

If the employer is responsible for project engineering,” systems of engineering document management and document control center “that is a subsystem of generic version is recommended.

For Engineering Clients

Client capabilities

  • Control based on master documents registry (MDR)
  • Simultaneous management of several master documents registry (MDR) in one project
  • Access to and view information and records of all documents’ versions
  • Automated control of documents versions
  • Calculation of two progress percentage
  • Documents registry lists and automated / manual distribution
  • Document cycle
  • Notifications on delays and events
  • Instant status report in document cycle
  • Delay calculation in circulating internal / external documents
  • Control Center of project documents engineering secretariat (DCC)
  • Management of incoming, outgoing and internal transmittals
  • Management of incoming and outgoing comment sheets
  • Management of Disambiguation Correspondence
  • Quick access to documents and recipients of a transmittal
  • Auto production of issued transmittal, issued comment sheet, issued disambiguation sheet
  • Control of Cycle of exchange of engineering degree between stakeholders
  • Grouping engineering documents
  • Control of manual observation of each of files related to document
  • Manual multifaceted Access control
  • Comparison of inter project engineering status

Key Features

Maintaining all records

All records of project and all internal changes are maintained as a chain of information and documents in the system. But always only the latest valid version is in the work flow


All levels of project engineering, from the smallest engineering consultant to the project owner occur in this system. Also all stakeholders have access to documents based on their access levels.

Primary chain in project

Most of the Dorsa subsystems act based on the basic engineering information and the latest release of engineering documents. The latest version control is possible at all stages of supply, construction and commissioning


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