After the engineering phase and during the construction, documents that have been approved for construct or install in the project, are available to the project’s technical office, automatically.
This subsystem can manage to distribute documents between contractors or construction units,update version automatically , deliver and control supplier documents, spool generation and spool and isometric management.

Work front presentation enables the manager to prioritize and command ahead works based on inventory, production plan and ordered documents.


  • In site document delivery
  • In site Transmittal
  • Spool generation
  • Defining prefabricated components
  • Access and view information and records of all versions of document
  • Quick access to documents and recipients of a Transmittal
  • Automatic transmittal production
  • Presenting the list of exchanged documents with each contractor
  • Presenting the list of related transmittal to each document
  • Access control for related files of each document
  • Offering construction agendas based on Work front motor or human decision

Main Features

Work Front

The software can make decisions based on available goods, ordered plans to units or contractors, production plans and sub priorities to implement scenarios such as getting more progress, more work load, consumption of goods, closing test package or executing a specific sub system. In case of finalization, the software directly allots needed goods to contractor.

Integration Point

This system is the integration point between engineering and construction and vice versa.

Always the latest version

This subsystem ensures the latest valid version of documents to be used in different phases of construction and installation modules.


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