Dorsa Field Material Control System (FMCS) is required in planning and controlling the quality and quantity of the material, punctual equipment placement, inventory management, material issuing and distribution and controlling material balance in integration with Dorsa engineering, purchasing, inspection, shipping, and construction modules.

Material Control is a main part in project’s material management. It is important for smooth and uninterrupted work of project’s process.


  • Covering multiple coding systems together
  • Managing multiple warehouses or laydowns in a project or between projects
  • Quarantine material management
  • Opening package inspection (OPI) process
  • Material Delivery at site
  • Creating Overage, Shortage, Damaged and incorrect (OSID) balance
  • Material Reservation based on engineering design and MTO
  • Issuing Material to sub-contractors and fabrication units
  • Material movement/shift between warehouses or projects
  • Sub-contractor’s inventory follow-up
  • Overage material return process
  • Projects material balance
  • Tracing material from design to delivery
  • Material work fronts based on engineering design
  • Stock taking process
  • integration with Engineering and Procurement data
  • Document management of material control

Key Features

Inter-Project Material Control

Integrated material control in multi-project organizations.

Material Database

There is a predefined material database with over 1M predefined material items in system

Integrated Material Management

Dorsa FMCS integrates design, purchasing, shipping and material consumption in construction or fabrication.


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