In the design of “Dorsa Project Management Information System”, it has been tried to consider all the needs of an EPC project or Turn-key
In the process model Dorsa, 5 main processes are designed and as shown below, some integrated sub-systems are fully designed and produced in each category:

Engineering process

This category covers engineering phase of projects and includes subsystems of engineering documentation management and purchase and engineering

Supply process

This category process covers phase of the project materials supply including purchase, building inspection, control and, ultimately, the material control.

Construction and installation process

This category covers the construction and installation phase of the project.

Pre-launch process

This category process covers activities related to pre-launching project. In the current version of Dorsa software, the pre-launching part has been developed only in the piping discipline.

Project management process

This category covers the processes related to project management and parallel to the three previous processes gives service to each. In this category three sub-systems “time and limitation management”, “management of costs and contracts” and “management dashboard” provide service directly and other subsystems are also provided as a backup.
This section contains a backup subsystems including “Communication Management”, “human resource management”, “process management”.


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