Superior surveillance on subset functionalities together and receiving managerial reports is the main concern of senior management and project managers of organization in multi-contractor organizations, ministries and organisations with the role of project management and monitoring.

This module has equipped with tools for precise monitoring and control of the validation process, subset approvals and finally present relevant reports in different levels of project and integration of such reports.


  • Providing superior surveillance for Organization Management
  • Ability to view and compare projects of organization at different levels
  • Outsourcing management of projects or parts of them
  • Contractors reports
  • Real-time reception of data submitted by contractors
  • Defined levels of review and approve for contractor reports
  • Ability to create validation process on contractor reports
  • Latest information on contractor status
  • Information on sub-projects progress
  • Contractors work and contact history
  • Summarized and graphical management reports

Key Features

Comprehensive look

This sub-system provides a comprehensive look at all the information of all projects and all subsystems of all management levels. Management levels can range from middle managers to top executives ones.

Easy to use

All you need is to know what is important for you. You can put all charts, graphs, gauges and etc together.

Everywhere without any limits

The information can be available everywhere, on your office PC, your cellphone, your tablet, your web browser, in a coffee net or even on a big screen TV in the HQ office. What is important is that you can access to the information everywhere.


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