After signing purchase order, inspection activities starts in both sides of contract. Dorsa Inspection Management System facilitates inspection activities required.
It insures client or purchaser that package is manufacturing on desired quality and in another side simplifies manufacturer’s process.

Designed for both “Clients and General Contractors” and “Inspection Companies”.


  • Inspectors database including certifications, abilities, skills and work history;
  • Inspection and Test Plans (ITP);
  • Ability to send notifications to project parties based on ITP steps and responsibilities;
  • Ability to define Inspection packages;
  • Inspector Dispatch Request;
  • Inspection Flash Reports;
  • Inspection Visit Reports;
  • Inspection Release Notes;
  • Non-Conformity Reports process and documentation;
  • Inspection work front based on ITP’s tasks;
  • Inspections status report;
  • Inspection’s remained works on each item.

Main Features

Inspection File

All documents, history, NCRs and inspection reports of each package gathers into an Inspection File.

All Parties

All Parties in an inspection including client, contractor, inspector and vendor, get access and notification based on their role.

Based on ITPs

All activities in system are dynamically called based on Inspection and Test Plans (ITP).


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