This software controls all supportive activities to install items and control them in relation with latest engineering documents, construction’s work front and material availability.

Covers Steel structures, Cylindrical Tanks, Fix and Rotary Equipment


  • Steal Structures database including columns, beams, …
  • Steal Structure’s Leveling of Beam control
  • Steal Structure’s Positioning control
  • Steal Structure’s Fire Proofing controls
  • Steal Structure’s final inspections
  • Cylindrical tanks information database
  • Integration with Dorsa Welding control system to ensure all vertical and horizontal joints welding and control activities
  • Tank’s Levelness control
  • Tanks Roundness control
  • Tank’s Peaking control
  • Tanks Banding control
  • Nozzles Location checking
  • Ability to control activities of each equipment based on it’s ITP

Main Features

Data Book

Ability to generate data book for each equipment including all related engineering documents, Quality control and NCR history, equipment’s installation history and etc.

Commissioning Perspective

Each equipment belongs to a commissioning sub-system which is under control in relation with other equipment and activities needed to finalize that sub-system.

Integration with Engineering

System ensures construction managers to start all activities based on latest revision of engineering desgns.


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