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Shiva Atlas Design and Engineering Consultants have been active in designing, engineering and supervising construction projects since 1389. Since its inception, it has been able to achieve significant growth in the field of engineering of construction projects, relying on the knowledge of its human capital and the transfer of new technologies and its application.

New, dynamic management, committed to the values of humanity and meritocracy and the indigenization of world-day technologies, is one of the company’s achievements.

The management structure of this complex has always been in an effort to dynamically and systematically play a role in the development and excellence of engineering and architecture areas, and relying on its knowledge and experience of human resources in pursuit of goals such as architectural development with positive features of native architecture Iranian and emphasize on the design of projects that have the features of sustainable architecture and the creation of commercial business spaces in the country. This consultant is proud to have done many projects throughout the country over the past years.

The mission and mission of the company are manifested in the phrase “thoughtful design and intelligent supervision to create superior and lasting buildings consistent with the principles of sustainable development.” Also, the vision of the company as a visualization of the future of the future, which clarifies the direction of the organization, is consulting services, design and supervision of 3.6 million square meters of infrastructure, and the acquisition of the crystalline drowning of the National Productivity and Excellence Award by 1397.

In order to increase productivity and upgrade the management system, this consultant will be required to establish ISO9000, OHSAS18000, ISO14000 since 2013 and have the necessary certificates.

The range of services and products of the company is not limited in the design of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical facilities, and professional and specialized activities are among the company’s specific activities. The following are listed in the form of products, services and capabilities. :

۱- Interior architecture


۲- Provide BIM services


  1. Facade Engineering


  1. Fire Engineering


  1. Energy management


Purchase Engineering


۷- BMS

Other Projects
  • Tiv Energy
    Tiv Energy
    Building Mining Oil, Gas and Petrochemy ساختمان و شهرسازی معدنی و فلزات نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی
  • Amoodrah Consulting Engineers
    Amoodrah Consulting Engineers
    Building ساختمان و شهرسازی
  • MOSHIRAN Company
    MOSHIRAN Company
    Building Engineering ساختمان و شهرسازی مهندس مشاور / MC
  • Tam Co.
    Tam Co.
    Building Mining Oil, Gas and Petrochemy

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