About Customer

PARSIAN GROUP is a group of Iranian companies which are well known as general contractor in field of transmission and distribution of electric energy, communication systems, SCADA system, DCS of substations and electric systems of industries in field petrochemical, oil, gas, cement, steel, electrical transport system, power plants utility and manufacturing of gas insulated switchgears, different type of LV panels (such as control, protection, marshaling, SCADA, LVAC & LVDC panels) and MV switchgears from 6.6 up to 24KV. Thus Parsian group is capable to supply all electrical needs of different industries.

Other Projects
  • Tanavob
    Mining Oil, Gas and Petrochemy Power
  • Fateh Group
    Fateh Group
    Oil, Gas and Petrochemy نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی
  • Jondishapour
    Oil, Gas and Petrochemy نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی
  • Global Petrotek Kish
    Global Petrotek Kish
    Offshore Units and Shipbuilding Oil, Gas and Petrochemy نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی

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