Procurement and purchase of projects are known as the most sensitive part of the project for financial and technical breadth and sensitivity.
In Dorsa project management information system, clinent version, it has been tried, in supervisory and overhead level, to control of processes in this sector and monitor proper and timely performance of tasks in subset companies or contractors.

If the employer is responsible for the project supply, the system, “Dorsa purchase management” that is a subsystem of generic version, is recommended.


  • Materials and goods data base and support of different materials coding systems in various projects
  • Analysis of prices over time
  • List of authorized vendor list
  • Control of vendors documents
  • Sourcing
  • Bank of bids and subset bids of organization
  • Bank of purchase order
  • Control of the shipping and transportation of materials
  • Transportation schedule
  • Bank of related documents

Integrated vendors (suppliers) bank

Bank of the same vendors is used among all the subset components

Monitor purchase of subset projects

Purchases of subset companies and projects are supervised by organization and may need to be approved by the employer during some stages.


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