Welding is the most important process in piping and steel structure projects. Dorsa Welding Joints Control System controls all activities and information required to manage the whole process including fit-ups, welding, visual, ultrasonic, radiography, magnetic particle and penetration examinations.
It also controls are documents and reports during process.

A comprehensive welding control system which provides complete monitoring of welds and NDT inspections for Piping and Structural steel projects.


  • Piping Isometrics
  • Data integration with Aveva PDMS and Autodesk DWG files
  • WPS and PQR management
  • Fit-up and weld registry
  • Non-Destructive tests (NDT) requests and reports including Visual, Radiography, Magnetic
  • particle, Ultrasonic and Penetration tests
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment activities (PWHT)
  • Auto PWHT assignment based on size, class and thickness
  • Spool management
  • Managing welding sub-contractors
  • Workers management
  • Welders performance measurement
  • Welder cards
  • History Sheet and Test Package management
  • Outstanding works and requests
  • Clearance report on NDTs
  • Re-shoot, retake or repair functions based on RT reports
  • QC Documentation

Distributed Data-entry

All sub-contractors, QC inspectors and construction users submit their daily report and inspection reports directly which automates all process documentation and control.

Work Front

System generates daily work fronts for each sub-contractor based on engineering design, material availability and project priorities.

Data-entry from CAD and PDMS

Software integrates to .dwg, .dxf or even Aveva PDMS to enter data directly to the software.


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